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...collaboration is a nice thing

Not much new to say here, so here is a citation from the official texinfo manual:
Right now, there is so few code to deal with, that we are not seeking for more coders. Another reason for this is that this project was started with a half-educational purpose of mine, so that's the reason I would like to write the core myself (which is not even conceptually close to complete). The vanilla gui too, actually. I Hope you understand my motives correctly.

But that does not mean we do not search for volunteers. Of course we do. We do search for testers, code reviewers, wiki contributors, package maintainers (in a long-term, as here is nothing to maintain yet), and more testers. Please remind me if I forgot someone.

We are in need of bug reports, testing, code reviews (if anyone would be so kind to do some), any constructive critics, any suggessions, actually your opinions on any part of the project. I mean more or less unprejudiced opinions.

And of course we appreciate donations. The more the better. (You can donate on our webpage via paypal).

For more information, contact me (p5vq9k) personally or write to our mailing list.
To submit a bug or request a feature, visit our bug tracker.

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