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...because the code is NOT going to write itself

Right now, Kypeless is in early developement phase, and can not be used for intended purposes due to the lack of testing and a number of features, which are not implemented yet. It is being introduced to the public to get some feedback and testing right now. See the Developer Guidelines if you would like to help us.

Current status: pre-alpha

Current activity: here is the list of tasks to be done in the closest future in their priority order:
1. Overlay network.
2. use ECDH instead of plain D-H
3. Clean up the code and add more comments.
4. Become alpha.
5. Make gui secmem-lack proof.

-= 28.07.2013 =- (0.0-pa8-0)
* Full protocol redesign. Less connection state messages, more performance.
* Perfect forward secrecy ( D-H key exchange )
* Encrypted PubInfos
* Migration from TCP to UDP socket.
* File sending, large message sending.
* Transfer/Request window; nice tables with yellow selection marker.

-= 27.12.2012 =- (0.0-pa7-0)
* Lots of small improvements and some bugfixes in GUI.
* 4x longer public key, profile encryption also made stronger.
* New features: used SecMem indicator in GUI.
* Minor changes in kypeless-core interface

-= 21.12.2012 =- (0.0-pa6-0)
* Introduction to public (initial pre-alpha release)
* Features: usable instant chat system, profiles, profile contact management, FLTK GUI.
* Security: connection should be secure enough. Local stored data and internal program structures (especially the GUI) are not so secure.
* A lot of bugs and stubs. Would not be pre-alpha otherwise.

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