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Mission statement:
To develop a fast, secure and fully decentralized communication program with wide functionality,
which should run on POSIX ( GNU/Linux, BSD, etc... ) platforms.

The Kypeless is free and open source software, released under GNU GPLv3 or higher.

( Screenshots and more on project's SourceForge page )

WARNING: Kypeless is under heavy developement and is not yet tested properly. For now, do not rely on the security provided. Run Kypeless, test it, have some conversations as if you were using your everyday non-secure software and provide us some feedback. Let us make Kypeless more secure and stable, and then you will be welcome to use it.

  • GNU/Linux and BSD platform support

  • Secure encrypted peer-to-peer communication:
    • Authentication using RSA pre-shared public key cryptography
    • Key exchange using Diffie-Hellman algorithm with 8192 bit prime modulus and 768 bit exponent.
    • Exchanged messages and data are encrypted using AES-256 encryption algorithm
    • Perfect forward secrecy
    • Sending text messages (instant chat)
    • Sending of large text messages (not instantly)
    • Sending files
    • (planned) Secure telephony
  • Password-protected profile (keyring) storage on disk
  • Password protested public key export
  • Data protection in memory (using libgcrypt's secure memory)
  • (partly implemented) Even data shown in the GUI is allocated in secure memory.

  • FLTK GUI with Contact list
  • (planned) User-friendly FLTK GUI and contact list.
  • Separate chat windows for every contact
  • Unified interface for acceping/denying all kinds of requests from remote peers
  • Data transactions currently in progress clearly visible.
  • (planned) System tray integration

  • libgcrypt 1.5.0 or higher
    • libgcrypt should be able to allocate enough "secure memory"
  • FLTK 1.3.0 or higher


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