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The new pre alpha is here. Kypeless 0.0-pa8-0
Sometimes it all goes wrong. All plans, promises, just everything. This is the exact type of thing that happened to kypeless during the first half of 2013.
The first thing I started to think over was porting Kypeless to Microsoft Windows. And it did not take long to come to the conclusion about the total absence of sense in such port. So, there won't be kypeless for that platform. And for the Mac platform too. Read the blog post for more thoughts on topic.
And the second thing that was discovered was that the protocol had been not only unsecure, but also so poorly designed that it was pointless to extend it (with D-H, for example) - so I reorganised it completely.
Well, that's what pre-alphas are made for anyway. And here are the good news:
Protocol completely reorganised, and is believed to be secure once again. And the performance improved too! The Diffie-Hellman key exchange has beed implemented, with all the positive consequences. The class for abstract data exchange was implemented (data queue), and now Kypeless allows sending very long messages (as long as you have enough free secmem for) and files up to 4GB in size. All of the Kypeless' network data is transmitted via single UDP socket, no more TCP used.
GUI basically is the same, but some features were added/improved, like the new nice table with contacts and the "Transfer/Request" window for managing all your requests from pemote peers and controlling data queue traffic.
With all these additions Kypeless is beginning to look like something useful, the biggest problem being the lack of automatic remote peer address discovery feature. This is the issue we will be addressing in the next release.
And Kypeless will stay in pre-alpha state until such feature gets implemented.

Here is our next pre-alpha, featuring bunch of improvents and fixes.
Kypeless 0.0-pa7-0 introduces secure memory indicator, a little addition which makes usage of the GUI much easier.
It will be easy for you to notice the automatic text wrapping in chat window, and that the chat window itself became resizeable now. There are also another minor improvements in the interface.
The important thing is, that the whole program is gaining stability, and we are approaching the first alpha release! As soon as it is released, we will pay our attention to such things as Microsoft Windows platform support (compilation in mingw) and file transfers. The alpha release itself needs to be bug-free enough, so it may be released later than you think.
Ow, and one more thing you may like - we increased RSA key length up to 8192 bits, and, even though some may complain about performance, it is really a lot securer than it was before. Key derivation from passwords for profile decryption became also more computing-power consuming, what means that more time is needed to hack it now.

We are releasing our first pre-alpha! Such a lovely day to announce a new software project, isn't it?
Kypeless 0.0-pa6-0 is far from being stable and user-friendly, though it provides some security even now and, of course, announces great long-term goals that, someday, may turn it into your favourite secure communication program.
Kypeless is a free and open source software, and it makes sense, since what is the point of trusting to the software, source code of which you have never seen? Or maybe you trust the companies, which made that software? Of course, it's up to you whom do you want to trust, but in the case of open source software (like Kypeless) the only thing you need to trust is the source code. Do not trust me, do trust the code you see. Look through the code, compile it, and enjoy your own binary you created yourself from the code you read. No surprises, absolutly trustworthy. If you do trust yourself, of course. That is what, in our opinion, real security means.

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